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A Southern pastor has found himself fighting controversy.

Hailing from North Carolina, Pastor Jewel Lee shared a TikTok of one of his sermons where he explains to his congregation that men who have hair long enough to cover their face or put into a bun aren’t adhering to the constriction of the male gender.

The TikTok video is captioned “Danger of worldliness” alongside a warning emoji with a bunch of hashtags to get the algorithms going like #theLIGHT, #BeTheLight, #Church, #holiness, #holinessisright, #christiantiktok, #holyspirit, #WordOfGod, #sounddoctrine, #FullSermonOnYouTube, #pentecostal, #ToGodBeTheGlory, #PastorJewelLee, #biblestudy.

Lee cites the Bible for his opinion while going on this diatribe.

“How you a man and you tying your hair up in a bun? Men don’t walk around with buns on their head! Oh, ya’ll don’t believe me. You can’t tie it up unless it’s too long. And the Bible says it’s a shame for a man,” he says while on stage at North Carolina’s The Light Church of Clayton.

The crowd can be heard giving mixed reactions, and he downplays the naysayers instead of reading the room.

“That’s the problem; we’re so easily offended. The Bible said it’s a shame for a man if your hair is long enough to tie it up in a bun. That ain’t God,” he continues.

He then explains how it’s an inconvenience when they’re playing the drums or the organ, and the bun comes loose, forcing them to constantly push their hair out of their face. For added effect, throughout the sermon, he dramatically depicts a man putting his hair in a bun or brushing it away from their foreheads.

Twitter got word of Pastor Lee’s opinion on men who decided to sport long hair and disagreed. Anyone should be able to style their hair as they so choose and don’t have to subscribe to what their gender normalizes.

Check out some of Twitter’s reactions below: