Times Up UK is advocating for more fairness in hairstyling and makeup chairs and two British actresses are part of the effort.

Travis Kelce is the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, heading into his fourth Super Bowl with record-setting numbers at the position.


A city in Kansas has decided to embrace legislation similar to the CROWN Act that prevents discrimination based on hair.

Halle Berry has been praised for her short hairstyles over the years but has switched her look up by changing colors and lengths.

It may not seem like a big deal, unless you have locs, braids or an Afro. That was the dilemma presented to aspiring competitive swimmers who couldn't use the Soul Cap, which was created for that very purpose. 

The Bayou Barbie with the good baby hair is taking on a new role - as brand ambassador for Mielle Organics.


Days after a controversy erupted on social media, Mielle Organics announced a partnership with Proctor & Gamble.


Mielle Organics founder Monique Rodriguez responded to a growing controversy on TikTok about white users of her products.

“This series is about identity, culture and legacy, beauty, strength, and joy,” Tracee Ellis Ross said in a release.


A Southern pastor has found himself fighting controversy. Hailing from North Carolina, Pastor Jewel Lee shared a TikTok of one of his sermons where he explains to his congregation that men who have hair long enough to cover their face or put into a bun aren’t adhering to the constriction of the male gender. The […]