Twitter Is Paul George "Pandemic P" After Another Terrible Shooting Game

Source: Mike Ehrmann / Getty

Playoff P? That’s what many NBA fans are saying watching Paul George stink it up in the bubble during the Clippers’ first-round matchup with the Dallas Mavericks.

Through four games, the man who once made his name in the postseason is shooting an abysmal 10/47 FGs and has only scored 34 points. He didn’t help his case on Sunday night going  3/14 FGs in a thriller that went into overtime that saw the game come down to a buzzer-beater from the NBA’s current phenom, Luka Doncic.

Twitter is clowning the 6-time NBA All-Star for not living up to his legendary nickname.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty

1. LOL Bruh.

2. You hate to see it.

3. Damn


5. Truuuueeee

6. Sad, but also true.

7. LOL leave Playoff P alone.

8. Accurate






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