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'Power Book II: Ghost': "Sacrifice" Ep.8 Recap

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Previously on Power Book II: Ghost, Monet (Mary J. Blige) ties up two troublesome loose ends by using a thirsty associate of her dead husband as a scapegoat to end the growing war with the Russians. She also manages to take out Gordo (Erik Hernandez) before he can tell Dru (Lovell Adams-Gray) who was behind the death of their father. In the process, she damages an already unstable Dru.

Brayden (Gainni Paolo) discovers his father’s company is one big Ponzi scheme thanks to Uncle Lucas (David Walton) and needs to think fast or risk losing Riq and Monet’s money. Riq (Michael Rainey Jr.) learns from Lauren (Paige Hurd) that Saxe (Shane Johnson) is a mole and gives her the evidence she needs against Effie. Diana (LaToya Tonodeo) exposes Salim (Petey McGee) for the Uncle Tom he is but also gets arrested as part of the feds growing RICO investigation.

Davis Learns Saxe Is A Mole

Power Book II: Ghost Episode 308

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Episode 8 opens with Davis (Cliff ‘Method Man’ Smith) on the roof, drunk as hell after getting the cold shoulder from his brother, Theo. Saxe joins him and tries to get him to come to his senses, but their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Monet informing the attorney that Diana was taken into custody.

Saxe volunteers to go because he’s looking to get more information out of Diana to help the RICO investigation move forward and uses Davis being drunk as the perfect reason why he should be the one to handle the situation, and MacLean agrees.

Monet is at home worried that her daughter will snitch on her because she treats her daughter like sh*t, and Diana has no reason to protect her.

Diana is holding her own and deflecting everything Jenny Sullivan (Paton Ashbrook) and Blanca Rodriguez (Monique Gabriela Cumen).

Power Book II: Ghost Episode 308

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

While Saxe is on his way to the station, Riq arrives at the office and warns Davis that Saxe is a mole. Davis is BIG MAD and grabs a gun, but Riq gets him to calm down. Riq also heads to the Tejad residence to tell them the Feda are trying to hit them with a RICO.

Davis runs to the precinct and sees Saxe chopping it up with Jenny. When they get in the room with Diana, Davis slaps a drink on Saxe’s lap and, during the commotion, slips Diana a note telling her to put them onto Effie.

Cane & Effie Finally Hook Up

Power Book II: Ghost Episode 308

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Cane runs to Stansfield to see if he can dig some info up about Diana’s arrest. While there, he checks on Effie, and she doesn’t initially show it, but she is open after he pays her school tuition.

Cane claims he made the kind gesture without any intentions of wanting something from her, but she decides to reward him with some bedroom action.

Effie and Cane have no idea what is happening behind the scenes, but they are clearly feeling each other big time, especially Cane. Riq shows up before Cane leaves, and Effie makes him hide in the bathroom to avoid problems.

Cane overhears Riq giving Effie a job telling her to pick up coffee cups and that he will provide her with one brick a week so she can make some money.

Cane runs home and is upset to learn that a RICO investigation is out on them and that they are setting up Effie in the process. Monet also presses him about putting her money in Weston Holdings, and she will get her money back.

Monet heads to the golf club to speak with Lucas, and she keeps it short and sweet, telling him that he better answer when he calls and that the minute she asks for her money back, he better give it to her.

Effie Has To Take A Fall

Power Book II: Ghost Episode 308

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

The plan to get Feds of the Tejadas is put into motion when Diana tells Saxe the information about Effie. Saxe has no idea he’s been fed some useless info.

Blanca hesitates, but they convince her to put a tail on Effie, but she warns Saxe that this will blow his cover.

Cane calls Effie to ask if she wants to do that favor for Riq. Before he can continue and possibly expose Riq and Monet’s plan, he hears a noise coming from Dru’s room. We will touch on that whole situation in a minute.

Anyway, Effie has a tail now, and they follow her as she goes to pick up the cups. They go in for the arrest when she arrives at the warehouse where all the drugs are, only to discover all the product is not there, leaving them no choice but to release Effie.

Riq watches the whole thing go down and texts Monet, informing her everything happened as planned. Monet then texts Evelyn Castillo (Luna Lauren Vélez) that everything is good. Earlier, she told the Castillos that no more product was being moved until they got the RICO to go away.

Effie shows up the Tejada’s house with Cane, surprising Riq. Effie isn’t mad and understands why they did what they did because she would have done the same thing to someone else.

Riq Uses RSJ To Get His Money Back

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Brayden is under much pressure after discovering the Ponzi scheme his uncle is running through Weston Holdings. Keke (Moriah Brown) shows up at his apartment to see if he hasn’t left town or gone back on his deal with Lucas to keep his mouth shut.

At the time, he didn’t say anything, but he eventually tells Riq what is going on, and his “brother” is not happy at the notion that he could potentially lose his trust fund money.

Riq eventually tells RSJ (Gbenga Akinnagbe) about what is going on at Weston Holdings; of course, he is livid. Riq tells him he just learned about it himself and implores him that he needs help.

Power Book II: Ghost Episode 308

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

With RSJ’s help, he manages to strike a deal with Lucas forcing him to pay back not only his money but Monet and RSJ’s.

Dru Is Going Through It

Power Book II: Ghost

Source: Starz / Power Book II: Ghost

Dru really wants some real love, but something happens every time he thinks he has found it. Last week, in the act of rage and some clever pushing from Monet, Dru killed Gordo, and Cane helped dispose of the body. Gordo’s momma and his brothers are looking for him, but Dru assures her nothing is wrong.

Dru is big mad when Everette (Bradley Gibson) shows up on television during an interview with Jemele Smith and reveals that he is a gay professional basketball player, a first for the NBA. Dru is upset because Everette, at the time, did not want to come out of the closet to protect his future basketball career.

He follows Everett and his new white boo to a restaurant, where his former lover eventually spots him, and Dru lets all of his frustration pour out as he screams he has no one. Everette allows Dru to make a scene, and he gives him a much-needed hug telling him everything will be okay.

Dru doesn’t know that someone recorded the whole moment and put it on YouTube. One of Gordo’s brothers shows the video to their mother, confirming their suspicions that something has happened to Gordo, and Dru either knows or is responsible.

Saxe Time Finally Runs Out, Effie Is In Big Trouble

Saxe does not know that everyone is aware he is a mole. While conversing with Davis, Theo comes in, and MacLean tells Saxe to leave.

Theo tells his brother that the treatments are working, and Davis reveals to his brother that Saxe is a snitch. Theo is unhappy, but Davis tells him to chill and not worry because it will not affect his freedom.

Well, it turns out Theo was lying, he is dying, and knowing his time is running out, he decides to kidnap Saxe. Riq and MacLean figure out that Theo is behind Saxe being missing, and MacLean and Riq head to the one spot he knows his brother will be at.

MacLean was correct, and Theo shows up with Saxe with a gun to the attorney’s back. MacLean tries to convince Theo not to shoot Saxe, but Theo doesn’t listen and shoots and kills Saxe before taking the gun and using it on himself, leaving Davis and Riq staring in disbelief.

Back at Stansfield, Effie and Cane are hooking up again. Their intimate moment comes to a halt by a knock on the door, and it’s the Feds coming to arrest Effie again.

This time it’s not for the RICO but for the attempted murder of Lauren. The shock on Effie’s face is evident when she sees Lauren in the vehicle’s backseat, and Cane looks in the distance in disbelief that Lauren is still alive, and the episode ends.

Effie is in big trouble.

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