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Barber Kicks Man Out His Chair Mid-Cut When Quavo Walks In The Shop

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

A man’s relationship with his barber is a sacred one, that’s why Twitter feels this one particular barber crossed the line for Quavo

Is Quavo That Special?

A video of a barber kicking a man out of his chair mid-hair cut to service The Migos member Quavo has gone viral with many believing the barber was doing too damn much.

The customer can be seen laughing when the barber tells him “he’s gotta go,” as soon as Quavo flanked by two other individuals enters the barbershop.

Understandably, Twitter is having a field day with the video with a majority of the reactions being in agreement that the barber played himself, and understandably so.

Quavo would’ve had to wait his fucken turn,” one Twitter user wrote. “Imagine kicking out a returning client out of the chair because you wanna impress quavo who probably has 20 other barbers he goes to Lmao,” another Twitter user added. 

“That’s so fuckin corny on the barber’s part. I would literally hide in the bathroom then shout “BOO!” In the middle of Quavo’s cut. We both having fucked up cuts now,” another Tweet read. 

Of course, there is one person who is on the side of the barber, believing he might get a better payout. “I completely understand why… quavo finna pay TRIPLE the price,” the Twitter user said. 

In our honest opinion, the barber definitely messed up here. While we understand that it ios Quavo, at the same time he could have waited till the customer got his haircut.

We hope that the barber gave that customer who he kicked out of the chair a proper discount, oh and best believe he doesn’t deserve a tip after that. You can peep more reactions to the video in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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