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She’s an Olympic champion and the most decorated gymnast of all time. But now, you can call her Mrs. Owens.

Simone Biles, 26, and Houston Texans safety Jonathan Owens, 27, announced their marriage on social media. True to Biles’ word, the couple married in an intimate ceremony with family and friends in attendance.

“We have some of my teammates that I’d be inviting,” Biles told E! News last year. “But other than that, it’s really close family, friends and people that have watched us grow throughout our relationship and will share that love on that day.”

But Biles says this is only the first wedding that the couple had to do to make things legal before a larger destination wedding was planned.

Per Yahoo, Biles told a fan on Instagram that “We had to get married ‘legally’ here in the U.S. since our wedding will be a destination wedding.”

She said the couple’s wedding party for the larger celebration will include eight bridesmaids and seven groomsmen and have a guest list of 140 people. Those nuptials will take place in a couple of weeks.

The Texans star and the Olympian found each other on the dating site Raya where Owens says when they matched, he had no idea who she was. The two bonded in 2020 when both their training schedules were impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

“We ended up hanging out right before the pandemic,” Owens told Texas Monthly in 2021. “It was one of the few times in her life where everything was just shut off and she couldn’t do anything. So we used it to get to know each other—really get to know each other. It created our bond and made it stronger. Now I’m so thankful.”

Twitter can be a cold and toxic place, but the young couple was congratulated from all over the cyberspace spectrum. Of course, there had to be haters who said Biles’ edges were a little fuzzy, and we just say…some of you all are miserable and can’t be helped.

(Also, do you use magnifying glasses to see people’s social media? ‘Cause with all the happiness and glowing we didn’t even notice until some of y’all pointed it out.)

But you’re not stealing Mrs. Owens’ joy, no way no how.

Here are some reactions to the couple’s nuptials.

1. That part!

2. But you ain’t wrong tho…

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8. beats us

9. all that needed to be said


11. exactly

12. Looking as unbothered as some Twitter folks need to be about someone else’s wedding

13. And we are, too! Congrats Jonathan and Simone!!!

14. Miserable…capital M

15. Seek help

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