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Skip Bayless Blasted on Twitter For Hating On Bronny James

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Once LeBron James decides to step away from the game of basketball, his no.1 hater (secret fan) will more than likely shift his attention towards James’ son, Bronny. 

The basketball skills are pretty strong in the James gang. Despite what LaVar Ball previously said about Bronny and Bryce James more than likely buckling to the pressure of having to follow in their dad’s footsteps, they both look like they are going to be great pro-hoopers. King James’ oldest seed had the sport’s world and internet talking after pulling off an in-game dunk that even had his dad going nuts on social media.

Bronny and Bryce are currently hooping overseas for the California Basketball Club at the Club Basketball Euro Tour. With under 2-minutes left, Bronny pulled off a move reminiscent of his dad as dribbled the full length of the court and capped off with an impressive dunk. Of course, his dad was watching, reacting to the moment on Twitter with the caption, “OH MY GOODNESS BRONNY!!!!!”

While Bron and the rest of the internet marveled at Bronny’s highlight, Water Pistol Pete, aka Skip Bayless, didn’t miss an opportunity to give us a preview of him extending his disdain for LBJ to his son Bronny.

“Hey, Bronny … impressive. But your dad would’ve dunked it left-handed. You sure got away with it, though,” The Undisputed host tweeted.

Twitter Is Tired of Skip Bayless

Immediately, Twitter put on their capes, and roasted old man Skip for being the hater he is. “Skip Bayless is a shoeing for this years hater of the year,” one Twitter user wrote. 

Another Twitter user shared a doctored photo of an extremely aged Bayless hating on Bronny in the year 2036.

It’s clear the Jordan stan and professional LeBron James hater is warming up for his next act as a Bronny hater.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty

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