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Another day, another famous person’s private parts have allegedly hit the web. Yesterday (Dec.19), all of Twitter was clowning A$AP Rocky’s “lackluster” stroke game, and now Stephen Curry’s nude photos hit the web. Yup that Steph Curry, who is considered to be one of the NBA’s most wholesome and squeaky clean players, is allegedly in pictures that are all over the internet with the hammer out, according to Twitter, who is in complete confusion as to what is happening.

For reporting purposes only, of course, a quick glance at the alleged photos of Curry shows the 31-year-old Warriors’ guard fresh out the shower with his light skin man parts on full display. Currently sidelined after breaking his left hand during a game against the Phoenix Suns, Curry has been passing the time on social media while he rehabs. We are quite sure he wasn’t expecting to see Twitter going back and forth about nude photos that may or may not feature him in them.

It’s been nothing but jokes and blank stares in the form of Tweets as the internet debates over Ayesha Curry’s husband’s skin flicks and who would possibly be the recipient of said alleged photos. Curry is a happily married man, of course, and we are just going to assume Ayesha would the first and only person to see any such pictures. But you can bet she is not too happy to see Twitter having a field day clowning her hubby. BUT who knows the photos could be fakes and as one Twitter user pointed out maybe it’s someone elses hammer pics alongside the picture of Curry changing after showering.

Who knows?

Well, time will tell, until we hear from the splash brother, you can peep all the reactions to the nude photos in the gallery below.

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