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Tyra Banks arrives at the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.\n© J Graylock/

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Tyra Banks has been the talk of the internet since last night’s Dancing With The Stars premiere.

In case you were not aware, the supermodel, actress, and television personality was tapped to host the latest season of the hit competition series — and if Tyra fans know anything about the hardworking woman, it’s that she takes each and every gig very seriously. So, it was no surprise when she strutted out in a bright red ball gown, runway style… or when she yelled “I am finally here… Look momma I’m in the ballroom!” into the camera, for that matter. Fans of the show immediately accused her of making it all about her… if you missed that, click here to see it all go down for yourself.

That said, Tyra has always been beautiful and talented with an amazing spirit, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to highlight that fact.

She also recently spoke on the importance of being the first Black woman to host the show and is read to break barrriers.

“It’s nice to be first so you can open that door and let so many people in after you. I like breaking these doors down so that we don’t have any more firsts, but it’s nice to be first so that you can open that door and let so many people in after you,” Banks told Good Morning America.

In honor of the icon, who paved the way for so many young models today, we gathered some of her most beautiful social media shots. Check those out below and also chime with your thoughts on her Dancing With The Stars grand opening.

1. It’s the body for me.

2. Beauty in dusty blue.

3. Woah baby.

4. The SI cover that went viral.

5. So flawless.

6. All black everything.

7. Tyra’s still got it.

8. In black and white.

9. You’ve got to love her.

10. Congrats to the queen.

11. Watching it melt.

12. Casual vibes.

13. Who does black & white better?

14. Field goal.

15. She can do no wrong in lime green.

16. It’s the eyes for us.

17. We’ve seen the gloves before…

18. On the wake up…

19. …Remember when?

20. It’s the golden hour.

21. Bed head vibes.

22. What a mane.

23. Those lips though…

24. Pillow talk please.

25. 90s Paris was a vibe.

26. We love the views.

27. The thirst.

28. Yellow is her color.

29. Well… it could be blue, too.

30. She wore a itsy bitsy…

31. When in France…

32. A fresh face.

33. Valentine’s Day ready

34. The braid did it for us.