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Tyrese Paul Walker

Source: Robert Mora / Getty

Tyrese never hesitates to recall moments with his late co-star and friend Paul Walker, but his recent storytelling goes a bit further. 

The actor and singer appeared on The Morning Hustle this week to reveal that he and Walker were sleeping with the same woman on the set of 2 Fast 2 Furious— and it was Eva Mendez’s stunt double Cindy Leon.

“She’s a beautiful girl. And me and Paul were smashing the same girl on the set of 2 Fast 2 Furious and didn’t even know it … It was Eva Mendez’s stunt double,” Tyrese said. “And we were both just complimenting this girl every day and for whatever reason, we just didn’t say we were both smashing the same girl.”

Both men kept the relationships under wraps until eventually speaking to each other and finding out they had something very intimate in common.

“And then we told each other. He was like, ‘Yeah?’ I was like, ‘Yeah…’ and then her goofy ass just recently did an interview letting the world know, but it gets even worse with her.”

The topic ended with the host asking Tyrese if they stopped sleeping with the woman when they found out, and he replied with a straight face, saying, “I don’t think we stopped.”

The interview Tyrese is referring to Leon doing was with In Touch Weekly back in 2015, who told a similar story.

“Tyrese pursued me first and then Paul pursued me. Obviously, I wasn’t tied down to anyone so I took the opportunity to go out on a date,” she said before explaining that Walker didn’t ask if she was involved with anyone else. “I guess the boys eventually had a scene together and talked about it and turned out they were hanging out with the same on set and that’s how it all went down.”

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