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10 Eye-Catching Photos of Tyrese Gibson's Girlfriend, Zelie Timothy

Source: Zelie Timothy / Zelie Timothy Instagram

Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson aka Black Ty, had social media talking and had nothing to do with either of his professions. The chatter was about sharing too damn much on the internet during an intimate moment with his lovely girlfriend, Zelie Timothy.

The “Sweet Lady” singer still has the scent of divorce on him after leaving his estranged wife  Samantha Gibson even though he claimed he wanted to get her back in an Instagram comment under Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s anniversary post has moved on.

As of late, Gibson has been seen cozying up to his new object of affection, Zelie Timothy, a 25-year-old Dominican bombshell who pegs herself as an entrepreneur, influencer, and host on Instagram.

Gibson is clearly smitten with the woman, so much in fact that the 42-year-old Fast & Furious star recorded himself shaving her lady parts.

Now such a moment like that is not rare between couples. In fact, it’s a very intimate practice that men and women have been doing with each other for a long time. We just didn’t need to see it on our Instagram or Twitter timelines. We especially didn’t want to see Tyrese shaving his girlfriend’s snapper.

But based on Timothy’s looks, we totally understand why she got this grown-ass man on the internet looking rather silly for likes.

For research purposes, of course, we scoured her gram, and it’s packed with eye candy as well as plugs for vibrators hilariously.

You can peep more photos of Tyrese’s shaved boo in the gallery below.

Photo: Zelie Timothy / Zelie Timothy Instagram

1. She was the best present under the tree without a doubt.

2. Looking good in her Savage X Fenty

3. Vaction mode

4. Showing off the assets