The Draymond Green punch from last October is still reverberating through the league. It turns out Jordan Poole may have gotten that major contract — four years for $128 million to be exact — but it will no longer be fulfilled by the Golden State Warriors. According to ESPN, the Washington Wizards have sent Chris […]


Bradley Beal is under police investigation for smacking a fan's hat off his head after a brief exchange during a game against Orlando Magic.

Ben Simmons slander never seems to stop. While fans still aren’t over the Australian baller’s refusal to play for the Philadelphia 76ers and him not showing up statistically for the Brooklyn Nets, he can’t even win a simple bet with one of his contemporaries. According to Heavy Sports, a unanimous NBA executive relived what it […]

Bradley Beal is another professional athlete that doesn't understand how vaccines work.


Ronnie 2K versus Kamiah Adams-Beal is definitely a "beef" we did not have on our bingo cards.