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A lot of times, it is pure speculation when it comes to predicting the time table of athletes returns from a major, or minor injury. It is much of the same for Kevin Durant as he recovers from his Achilles injury. The only people who have a real idea of when Durant will be able […]

The Brooklyn Nets will have a new uniform to pair with their new roster featuring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. As part of the NBA’s partnership with Nike, the 16 playoff teams  from both conferences receive an extra jersey each year called the “Earned” edition, because the Nets made the playoffs last year for the […]

When Kevin Durant begins his next chapter as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, he won’t be rocking his signature no.35. The Slim Reaper bid a fond farewell to the number that has become synonymous with him while pulling up from thirty and snatching souls on the basketball court. When he finally takes the court […]

The NBA's free agency period began on Sunday night and these are the biggest and losers thus far.

Looks like the team in NYC poised to make a big splash in free agency isn’t the one New Yorkers have been talking about all season long. Reports are indicating that Kyrie Irving’s time in Boston is over and he will be bringing his skills to B R O O K L Y N, and […]

Brooklyn Nets star D’Angelo Russell just came off a successful season that saw him become an NBA All-Star for the first time and help lead the Nets back into the playoffs. A spokesperson for the New York Port Authority Police revealed the point guard was cited for possession of marijuana after being detained at New […]