Andre Drummond has called it quits on social media in the name of his mental health.

"My favorite saying to myself was always 'Make something bad that happened make sense down the line.' Whatever that may be. That's all I used to tell myself. Let me make this negative make sense down the line. And I always told myself whenever I got down, whenever I felt a certain type of way." -Demar Derozan on "The Draymond Green Show"


"To all them guys on that team, they know I’m rooting for them."

DeMar DeRozan is a San Antonio Spur, and while he’s not too satisfied with the way the trade went down, he’s finally spoken out about it. In his first interview since departing from The 6, he spoke to ESPN’s Chris Haynes about what went through his mind when got the news and admits he was […]

"Everyone is going through something that we can’t see."