We are fighting in the Black freedom movement that our ancestors started fighting when the first colonists attempted to capture them.

But if Ferguson taught us nothing else, we learned the loss of Black life is not a game or a joke.

On the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown Jr., one writer reflects and remembers the moment that catalyzed a movement in Ferguson.

On this day three years ago, Michael Brown was fatally shot down by a white police officer. With this tragic event began a historic uprising in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri. Thousands of people from inside the state and across the country alike came together to protest police brutality. Today, Team CASSIUS remembers the […]

Team CASSIUS remembers the Ferguson uprising.

The activist and clergy member was only 34.

CASSIUS spoke to Sekou about writing his latest album and what it means to resist during the Trump era.

Edward Crawford, the Ferguson protestor featured in the iconic photo of a man hurling a canister of tear gas, was found dead on Thursday night.