Unfortunately, Kanye West is still trying to be president. Fortunately, his bid to get into the White House has a snag.

This literally sounds like either a terrible April Fools joke or headline ripped right from The Onion, but unfortunately, it’s sadly true. Harriet’s screenwriter revealed that while the film was still in talking stages, one Hollywood studio executive suggested that the freedom fighter and slave abolitionist be portrayed by Julia Roberts. Make it make sense. […]

In a move that should not be surprising to anyone, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed on Wednesday (May 22) that Harriet Tubman the “conductor” of the underground railroad which helped freed slaves won’t be the face of the $20 bill till Trump is out of the White House. Sounds about White! The bill’s unveiling was […]

Monáe: "I’ve never viewed myself as ‘just’ a musician or singer."