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Trump Admin Delays $20 Bill Featuring Harriet Tubman Till 2026

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In a move that should not be surprising to anyone, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed on Wednesday (May 22) that Harriet Tubman the “conductor” of the underground railroad which helped freed slaves won’t be the face of the $20 bill till Trump is out of the White House.

Sounds about White!

The bill’s unveiling was supposed to place in 2020 as part of an Obama administration initiative but now has been delayed till 2026 according to Mnuchin he revealed when he was pressed by representative Ayanna Pressley. The bill itself won’t make it into American citizens hands most likely till 2028. The Treasury Secretary claims he opted to delay the move because the “President” would have caused an uproar if he decided to cancel circulation of the new bill altogether.

That means former President Andrew Jackson, who was a known slave owner, will remain on the bill. Trump is a big fan of Jackson and likens himself to Jackson. As a then Presidential candidate back in 2016 expressed his disdain for Obama deciding to put Tubman on the bill calling the move  “pure political correctness”  and suggesting Tubman be placed on the $2 bill which no one really uses at all.

“Andrew Jackson had a great history, and I think it’s very rough when you take somebody off the bill.”

If you think this wreaks of blatant racism as well as just pure disdain for the previous administration, you are not alone. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their opinion the decision to delay the move describing it as “callous, and an attack on black women.”

The dog whistle being used here by Mnuchin is quite deafening. In his attempt to protect his bosses feelings, he is willing to deny Tubman her recognition for valiant efforts. Keep protecting those confederate statues though, we see what y’all are doing up in Washington.