Northwestern University’s hazing scandal was already bad…now it appears to have gotten even worse. More players have come forward about the alleged behavior they were forced to endure as members of the team, and some were racist. Black players allege they were forced to enter racist watermelon-eating contests. According to CBS News, the new revelations […]

The college football season begins in less than two months, and Northwestern University‘s already calling an audible. Northwestern’s head football coach Pat Fitzgerald has been fired amid widespread allegations of hazing within the football team. University president Michael Schill released a statement on the matter stating that as a leader of the football program, he […]

It took Byron Hurt 10 years to make his latest film, Hazing, and it was well worth the wait (or, weight). No, it is not a hit job on fraternities and sororities, but it is a sobering, often infuriating look at how seeking belonging can too often lead to life-long trauma, and even death.   […]

The Front

In Caucasity news, a Florida transgender woman has told a Tampa Bay TV station that she is a "transracial" Filipino woman.