john singleton

In real-life, the 1980s saw gang-related murders increase to all-time highs in Los Angeles, primarily thanks to the rise of crack cocaine sales. In the fifth episode of 'Snowfall''s fifth season, Franklin and his family get caught in the crossfire of drive-by shootings in a wave of violence similar to the time period the show is based on,.

It seems many questions regarding the famous filmmaker's hospitalization, and eventual death, have been left unanswered; details inside.

The chronicle that Singleton co-created will wrap up production next month.

Waithe: "It is to really put this together in a really cool way so that we can [find] even more writers and directors. That, to me, is really exciting."

He revealed the beauty in our madness, and the genius in our ignorance.

Legendary director John Singleton suffered a stroke and is in the hospital with a coma.

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