If you opened up Twitter and wondered why Lisa Leslie is trending, it has nothing to do with the WNBA or any moment from her illustrious basketball career but for a pair of Nike Dunk sneakers. 

Yesterday (Feb.6), Gayle King was the topic of intense discussion on social media. She caught the ire of many after a clip from an interview with Lisa Leslie hit the web. King, who is well-known for her incredible interview skills, came under fire for asking the WNBA legend, Lisa Leslie, who was good friends with […]

During a recent “back and forth” on social media with Kobe Bryant, Hall of Fame big man Shaquille O’Neal said, “you don’t get statues by not working hard.” The saying can’t be any more accurate, and no one worked harder on a basketball court than Lisa Leslie. According to reports, the WNBA legend (debate your […]