Along with being able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana, CNMI residents can also use marijuana-infused products.

"While many politicians rightfully tout the economic benefits of legalization, the bigger issue here is one of racial justice."

Blacks are disproportionately arrested for marijuana despite a growing acceptance of the drug.

Marijuana is a loaded topic — pun intended — for many people, symbolizing everything from youth culture, to the drug wars and a booming sector of the economy. The most common images associated with weed are suburban white kids smoking it, and Black men dealing it. And Snoop. Can’t forget about Snoop. But where are […]

The CASSIUS team dedicated our March cover to Black women and marijuana because we recognize the stigmas that prevent many sisters from embracing cannabis in any way, shape or form…as well as the fact that there are many who use it privately out of fear of being ostracized or judged by their peers, partners, relatives, neighbors, […]

A proverbial green rush is sweeping the United States of America. Once unthinkable, marijuana legalization is now taking hold in several states across the country. After a long fight against the forces of “reefer madness” public opinion has swung in favor of the green economy. Now marijuana is legal for adult use in nine US […]

The world of weed is as diverse, complicated and fascinating as the millions of people across the globe who use it. Whether you’re a daily toker, a social smoker or have never actually inhaled, you may find yourself needing to know a thing or two about marijuana. Our handy guide is here to help. The […]

Think you know a little something about this thing called weed. Now is the time to test your skills. Take out quiz and find out where you stand.