Marvel Entertainment and SiriusXM the Feb. 14 premiere of The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther podcast series, which will detail the full history of T'Challa from his 1966 introduction into the Marvel universe to now.

In honor of Pride Month 2021, one of Marvel Comics’ most celebrated icons will make his first appearance as a queer person. On Wednesday June 2, the mantle of Captain America will be taken up by a gay young man named Aaron Fischer, “the Captain America of the Railways.” Aaron’s introduction will be in the […]

Looks like Disney owning both ESPN and Marvel makes for excellent crossover content. The two giants announced a collaboration that reimagined five classic Marvel comic book covers replacing the superheroes that graced them with the NFL’s top five 2019 draftees. First debuting during April’s live broadcast of the NFL draft, artists at the House of […]

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Who's up for a little Black history lesson?

Calling all blerds, nerds, cosplayers and comic book enthusiasts.

The Canadian singer announces his new venture with the comic book heavyweight.