There’s nothing wrong with shaking hands and kissing babies once you’ve solidified yourself as an NBA dynasty, right? Earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors were celebrating their fourth championship ring, and during the parade, Stephen Curry found himself on the receiving end of that unwanted kiss. The team periodically got off the busses and […]

Amidst all the bottle popping and celebrations of the Toronto Raptors series-clinching finals victory last night, Raptors General Manager Masai Ujiri finds himself possibly implicated in a simple battery against an Alameda County Sherrif Officer. Following the 114-110 win over the Golden State Warriors, that saw the Raptors bring the Larry O’Brien trophy across the […]

The Warriors won 110-102 over the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that wasn’t enough to keep Kevin Durant chill last night. After the win, Durant was making his way into the Cleveland hotel that was hosting the Warriors, and some hecklers got under his skin. In this video from TMZ Sports, Cav fans can be heard yelling […]