Riq is caught up in a love triangle, Paz returns, and Cane continues to make things difficult for the Tejada family.

It's Riq's 18th birthday, he gains some allies and a new enemy in the mid-season finale of Power Book II: Ghost.

Riq has an innovative new plan on moving product around the school, and it pays off big time. Riq is also weighing his options when it comes to his love life.

Riq is now looking to get in even deeper with the Tejada family in hopes it will help him get his mother out of jail. 

This week's episode picks right up after Saxe snakes his way into the equation and charges Tasha with a kingpin (queenpin) statute after she said that she told Tommy to kill Ghost.

With Ghost and Tommy (for now) out of the picture, it's Riq's time to shine in the show's spinoff, Power Book II: Ghost, and he hits the ground running in the shows first episode as he steps up to take care of his family and work to get his mother out of jail.

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In our best *James St. Patrick voice*, previously on Power, in what was arguably one of the best episodes in the show’s six-season history, Tommy got the send-off he deserved. He took his drug dealing and Christmas canceling talents to Cali and made peace with his dying “brother” Ghost. With him scratched off #WhoshotGhost suspect list, […]

Previously on Power, we had to follow Paz around unfortunately for an entire episode as she hopelessly tried and failed to make Ghost pay for Angela’s death. This week it’s Tommy’s turn to highlight his day and night leading up to the tragic end of his brother from another, James St. Patrick. Tommy Is In […]

Previously on Power, we followed the events leading up to the death of James St. Patrick through the eyes of Dre before he was burnt to a crisp in prison. So that scratches him off the list of suspects who could have pulled the trigger delivering the fatal bullet, now it’s Paz’s turn. Paz Is […]