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With winter sneaking up on a lot of us this year, layering is the perfect solution for any wardrobe, whether it took you until December to get out of the Hot Boy Summer mindset, or you had been waiting all year to pull out your puffer coat like Jack Frost.


Sometimes we’re not sure what’s worse: Having a wholesome, unassuming name while behaving terribly, or going by a problematic name with good behavior.


Three-point shots are impressive, and the gravity-defying creativity of a layup is borderline acrobatic, but there is nothing more emphatically awe-inspiring than someone attacking the rim with a thunderous dunk.

Style & Fashion

While gender-subverting fashion has been around for decades, that did not stop Styles’ Vogue cover from gathering plenty of media attention, both positive and negative. Candace Owens came under fire for replying to Vogue’s tweet promoting the cover and stating, “There is no society that can survive without strong men…the steady feminization of our men at the same time that Marxism is being taught to our children is not a coincidence. It is an outright attack. Bring back manly men.” Yikes. 


It often takes awhile for people to recognize the future when they see it, especially in the NBA. Whether it’s because no one sees someone's greatness because they play for a team in a small market, they haven’t shown their skills in the playoffs, or their award room is still empty, some of the best players of today were overlooked yesterday. The most underrated guards in the NBA have already proved themselves to be worthy, it’s just a matter of the world recognizing it and giving them their due.


Long before Hypebeast. Long before long queues in front of the Supreme store. oLong before stunting on the gram. Definitely way before it was seen in Vogue and on the runways in Milan, Paris and New York. Streetwear has always been a thing. And while the credit hasn’t always been paid to the Black creators, designers and stylists, Black people have always been a part of its past, present and the future. 


Be honest: What do you really know about Memphis Grizzlies' superstar point guard Ja Morant? He's turned Goliaths in the NBA to mannequins for his dunk posters? He won the 2020 Rookie of the Year award after chatter of giving it to New Orleans franchise rookie Zion Williamson? If that's all, then you really don't know Ja Morant

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There are many theories and stereotypes about cheating, as well as long-held beliefs about men and commitment. We’re here to unpack all of that, and get down to the psychological facts about cheating. 

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Do you spend half of your day fantasizing about quitting your 9-to-5? Have you been bit by the entrepreneurial bug? Then prepare to dedicate your life to constantly improving yourself and getting better in touch with who you are.


Let's be honest: We're addicted to our devices. There's an app for everything, leading to apps ruling everything about our lives, from how we communicate with family to how we decide what to cook. We need to acknowledge that everything in life requires moderation, so a digital detox might be necessary.

When ethics are centered in fashion, not only does that help the environment, but it also helps the people as wages are higher and the communities in which these resources lie are often paid for their skills. Support these sustainable fashion brands.


These influencers have surpassed the commitment levels often associated with “No Shave November,” and boast a following on their social media accounts solely based on the color, length, and symmetry of their most prized possession.