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Beards have gained a whole new meaning in recent years. They’ve even been compared to wigs and makeup in their ability to transform a man’s look. In their most recent celebration of beards, the folks at Shea Moisture created a bit of a frenzy with their ad featuring a variety of men stroking their facial hair while standing in their power. Many beard wearers and lovers had been about that life ages before the timeless ode was released (having belonged to communities like #blackmenwithbeards). These influencers have surpassed the commitment levels often associated with “No Shave November,” and boast a following on their social media accounts solely based on the color, length, and symmetry of their most prized possession.

Here are 8 influencers whose swag and hustle are amplified by their beard game. 



It’s safe to say that there’s more to beards than meets the eye. They require a similar amount of tender love and care as a haircut. One of the most important steps in that process is finding the proper products. In addition to brushing and massaging, beard oils are known to promote growth and contribute to the overall health of facial hair. Artist and apothecary When In Rome boasts a bushy beard while also creating his own beard oils. The line of multiuse elixirs can be applied directly to the beard, body, cuticles, or bathwater. Each bottle has its own vibe, like much of Rome’s content. And, you know what they say, ”When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”


2. @camdavis713

There’s a level of dedication that comes with growing a beard. The time it takes, the itchy stage, and the entire routine are all part of setting the foundation for what can become a major aspect of one’s identity. Camron shared in an interview that it took him almost a year to grow his beard with the help of a very specific combination of shampoos, conditioners, and oils. Face-framing is also essential to how a beard shines, with sharp lines and general shape playing significant roles. After winning a contest for “Best Beard” along with a yearlong supply of Luster’s Beard products, he finds himself even more invested.  


3. @cocoabutterbrother

Building community as a beard wearer and lover has never been this easy. Social media platforms like Instagram have helped folks stay connected, to highlight their journey, and share one another’s content. Those platforms also serve as a time capsule for capturing the growth process. This bearded brother, Kenneth, has rocked every length of beard, from stubble to the full masterpiece that he’s now known for. And the hair love doesn’t stop there. He’s also a dog dad to a poodle whose locks are just as magical. 


4. @documentedbyty

Some beard wearers dye theirs to enhance thickness and texture, and to sharpen lines. No matter how perfect the lines are that a barber creates, a little bit of dye/powder can go a long way. And with some coloring alternatives now being oil-based and/or having added proteins, they’re actually great for facial hair. There’s also the route of getting into bolder/brighter hues that completely stray from the natural color spectrum. However, a beard that matches energy in cut and length always gets the job done if expressing uniqueness is the goal. Just take a look at Ty Moore. He’s all the inspiration you need when it comes to natural color.


5. @mr.erickcedeno

Let’s not forget the gray-and-white beard wearers who’ve reached the Super-Saiyan level of facial hair. Many of the first memories that we associate with white beards (short or long) are of Santa Claus or our grandpas. Erick Cedeno embodies all of that magic and wisdom in real life. Along with silver dreads and tasteful fashion, his very apparent zest for life put his beard on display. For some, it’s color and texture, but here we see that even when cut close to the face, a beard can still tell a story. 

6. @queyoun

Besides genetics, years of nurturing and healthy hair maintenance are what contribute to beard length. So before you judge yourself, a friend, or a significant other, know that hair growth is as much in our hands as it is out of them. The determination of length can often be misinterpreted. Texture may shape the look of length but it’s not a definitive factor. Q gives us a perfect example of a thick, mid-length beard which he cares for with the help of Gillette products. OG beard wearers know that taking care of the hair shafts is just as important as shaping and definition. 


7. @lathamcollective

The symmetry of a beard is between a man and his blade — or that of his barber’s. Trying to achieve evenness is a bit of a ceremony. We’ve all noticed how some beards are blunted with a square shape while others are angled and come to a point. You can definitely rock whichever of these you prefer, but viewing your beard as an extension of yourself means doing the work of deciding on a shape that best suits your face and body. That could mean following the flow of your jawline or going against the grain. Stephon Latham shows us, through his own photography and a bright smile, that symmetry is everything, all while embracing his salt-and-pepper strands.


8. @iam_chrisf

Many believe beards are the ultimate signs of masculinity and patience. They can draw attention to your facial features, detract from them, or just put them on a pedestal like they do for Chris F. Ultimately, they’re a symbol of identity. From shadows and goatees to chin straps and handlebars, there are so many options for how you can showcase your style and personality. 


Honorable mention goes to these bearded men who are also dedicated to a lifestyle of self-expression and self-care:







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