Business & Economy

BET is off the market. Though reports over the summer said that media mogul Tyler Perry, who already has a deal with the network was the winning bidder, it is no longer for sale.


This week sports history may have been made as ESPN dropped Barstool and entered into a new deal with Penn Entertainment.

At one time, the 40/40 Club was one of hip hop's sacred spaces. Owned by Jay Z, it was immortalized in his 2003 song "Dirt off Your Shoulder."


Elon Musk is now backpedaling on the Twitter deal. claiming he needs more proof that the platform's user base doesn't have more bots than it revealed to him. But numerous Wall Street insiders are claiming this is simply a stall tactic to drive down stock prices,

A push by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul to fast-track licenses for three casinos in the state's upcoming budget has many politicians in New York City, including Mayor Eric Adams, clamoring for those complexes to open up within the five boroughs.

Two of the most commonly ridiculed airline companies are coming together in a merger that will be no laughing matter for the aviation business. Today, Spirit Airlines and Frontier announced the start of a $6.6 billion deal that will bring the two organizations under one umbrella and challenge the "The Big Four" airlines (American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines) for industry superiority.

Going to the gym gives you energy but you need energy to go to the gym. Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

Kevin Durant ensures that he will be in a good space financially once he hangs up his Nike sneakers.