Just a day ago rapper Trina went viral after a video surfaced of her confronting a woman in a Walmart who allegedly called her the N-Word. After watching the video everyone wondered what exactly went down to have Trina, a normally calm person to be acting in such a manner. Now, the Florida native has […]

Pharrell: "I think this is a way that I can speak up at a time where we're in the middle of a spiritual plight."

The Well

Last month, I called someone in the comments section of a Facebook post a “potato head.” LOLs followed and the foolish soul was shut down. That, my friends, is what we call a “clap back.” I didn’t aim for their size, color, gender, or sexuality. My clap backs are vicious yet classy. The terminology “clap […]

If you haven't been keeping tabs on Queen Misdemeanor, here's a friendly reminder that "I'm Better" was the first offering we received from her since 2015's "WTF" with Pharrell.