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Pharrell Talks Masculinity & More in New GQ Interview.

For their latest issue, GQ tapped Pharrell Williams, who spoke candidly on masculinity’s evolution, as well as “spiritual warfare.”

“When it comes to having this conversation, I don’t necessarily know that the masculinity is new as much as the conversation is new. That’s number one,” he shared. “But I think this is a way that I can speak up at a time where we’re in the middle of a spiritual plight. A spiritual war. When people are online, they have their real identity; then they have, like, a nickname. Right?”

He continued, “It gives them this ability to be whoever they wanna be. That’s a spirit. Because they’re no longer defined by the physical—the responsibilities of being connected to all that is. Online your spirit is free to be whatever it wants to be. And what do you see online? Fuckin’ warfare.”

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Trick Daddy & Trina Are Getting a Morning Show in Miami.

Trick Daddy and Trina have reportedly landed their own radio show in Miami, replacing Rickey Smiley in the Miami Market. According to The Jasmine Brand, they’ll be joining Miami’s 99 JAMZ/WEDR, and their journey will be shared on Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

News of their possible radio venture was first reported over the summer. The radio show should go live on the air at the top of 2020.

A White Student Spit on a Black Tourist at the African American History Museum in DC

In peak SMFH news, a white middle school student reportedly spit on a Black tourist during a visit to the African American History museum in DC. Reports detail the student spitting from a balcony and hitting the tourist below.

“The incident caused the students, visiting from Shelton Intermediate School in Connecticut, to be removed from the esteemed institution,” Complex reports. “About 100 students were visiting the museum.”

“This kind of action is not a reflection of who our students are, or who we are as a community,” Chris Clouet, superintendent of Shelton Public Schools, wrote in a Facebook post.

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