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If you’re older than 25, you’re likely starting to realize that financial security requires more than just having a steady job with decent benefits, your own place and maybe even a car. Adulthood isn’t so black and white— anything can happen. So if you don’t stay ready, you’ll likely always be fretting about that “thing” (layoff, accident, break-up) that can muck up everything—who wants to live like that? You can take total control over your finances by mitigating the risk of anything being able to disrupt your cash flow.

Here are five ways to make sure your money stays up.

Create multiple streams of income.

If your livelihood is reliant on only one source of income, then your financial wellbeing is volatile.  Since the 2008 financial crisis, Americans have had to accept that there’s no such thing as job security. As we begin to aim for economic independence we must begin to look at creating multiple streams of income. Whether it’s getting a second job, starting a side hustle, or investing in assets that create passive income, diversify your sources.

Invest in the market.

Budgeting or saving properly alone won’t create financial security.  We must also change our relationship with money so it works of us. Investing in the markets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) will help your money grow and provide a layer of economic independence. And don’t let the fear of loss prevent you from taking action. If you look at the history of the stock market, most people who invest increase their wealth in the long haul.

Have an emergency fund consisting of 6-8 months of expenses.

Even if you have multiple streams of income, a blow to any of them can disrupt your financial foundation. That’s why it’s important to have at least 6-8 months of expenses in a liquid savings account. This minimizes the likelihood of you getting evicted, losing your vehicle or being unable to feed or clothe yourself adequately while getting back on your feet after a layoff or illness.

Use insurance to protect your assets.

Imagine doing everything right financially and still being subjected to economic loss due to lawsuits, unexpected taxes or a loved one’s untimely demise. Unfortunately these kinds of tragedies are the norm. Many people look at insurance as only something that helps pay for final expenses, but it’s a security tool that protects your assets and builds generational stability. Having insurance to cover estate taxes, mortgages, college tuition, and more is true economic independence.

Start or invest in a local business.

On average, minority dollars only circulate for six hours before it leaves the community. Starting or investing in a local business not only allows us to have more control economically but also politically. It’s time to put our $1.2 trillion in spending power back in good hands.