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Previously on Power, James’ political career gets the jump start it needs when Lorette offers him the opportunity to be her Lieutenant Governor. Tommy delivers Cash to his dead girlfriend’s ex, Kadeem, and promises to get revenge in her name. Dre thinks his habitual snitching is putting him in prime position to take Tommy’s spot as Jason’s new distro. The problem with that is Ghost killed Jason despite Tommy almost setting him up for failure. As a bonus, Ghost also managed to set it up to make it look like it was Dre that killed Jason. When it comes to his family, Ghost and his relationships with his ex-wife Tasha and son Riq have gotten significantly worse. It’s so bad, in fact, that after he put his hands on her and hilariously snuffed her, Tasha snitched on him to Blanca and Saxe telling them he killed Terry Silver. All of these events lead up to the mid-season finale of Power’s 6th and final season.

Operation No One Can Stop Me Is A Go

James is still in a bit of a funk after his big argument with his son, where Riq warned him he would kill him if he put his hands on his mother again. Waking up in his hotel room, James decides to call Riq and reach out to him following their contentious conversation and wants to tell him face-to-face things only he could say to him. After he hangs up, he is immediately contacted by Ramona, and she tells him to turn on the television. He is greeted with the great news that Lorette will be adding him to the ticket. He is left speechless after Ramona tells him his whole life is about to change, he snaps back to reality telling Ramona thank you and ending the call.

Meanwhile, Ghost’s other nemesis not named Tommy, Cooper Saxe, despite getting the boot, is still on a mission to put Ghost in jail for good. He decides to visit his old place of employment to talk to Warner about the case he is no longer a part of much to the dismay of his former boss. Saxe asks Warner if he has searched James’ hotel room, and Warner is puzzled by the question. We all know Saxe is pushing for the search because he gave Dre the cellphone he lifted from Terry Silver’s car to plant in Ghost’s room.

Saxe keeps pushing the idea that Ghost killed LaKeisha Grant (he didn’t), but Warner knows that isn’t true because of his alibi of being with Rashad Tate that night checking out. Saxe, who just can’t take a hint, then suggests that Ghost probably hired someone to kill LaKeisha. Warner has heard enough and tells Saxe that he will not be opening another investigation into Ghost, and no one will be searching his hotel.

We check back in with James, and he is having celebratory brunch with Lorette and Ramona following the announcement of him joining the ticket. Lorette and Ramona inform James they did their opposition research on him and that his background check panned out. When it comes his time selling drugs as a youth, Lorette says him opening the Queens Child Project will counteract that narrative easily.

There is just one problem with that, Rashad in a bitter rage, had all of the work permits on the project revoked pretty much sinking the whole thing. Lorette is not too happy to hear that, and she tells James that he has to find a new site for the QCP. If he doesn’t make it happen that day, she will find a replacement for him and that Rashad Tate is on the top of her list to be her Lieutenant Governor.

James being a quick thinker tells Ramona there is another site he can use to build the QCP, but it’s somewhere he didn’t really want to go back to. The place James had in mind happens to be the bar his dad and his Uncle Gabe owns in the old neighborhood. When James walks in, he is greeted by his Uncle and James make his pitch and offer, but Uncle Gabe says he has no intention of selling the bar.

James breaks down what he intends to do with the site, explaining he wants it to be a place where kids can play music and recite poetry and telling Uncle Gabe that his late daughter would have loved it because she wanted to be a singer. After his story, his Uncle stops pretending that he doesn’t recognize him and the two embrace. Uncle Gabe tells James that his father would be proud to know that his son came back to buy the bar. Uncle Gabe makes Ghost promise to make the place great.

Blanca Is Starting To Sound Like Saxe

Blanca is next to stop by Warner’s office to talk about Ghost.  After having to deal with Saxe, he is really not in the mood to have the same conversation again, but he entertains it. Blanca breaks down all of the new information she has, including her believing that Ghost killed Terry Silver. After she breaks down every bit of evidence and motives she has linking James to the crime, Warner has a counterargument that pretty much would dismiss her case if she tried to bring it into a court.

Blanca points out that she doesn’t want to see him in jail, well not at the moment, but instead, she just wants a search warrant to search his hotel room. Warner tells her she has enough evidence to get one and to go knock herself out.

Before she leaves the office, Warner tells Blanca that she is starting to sound like Saxe and that it’s not a compliment in the least bit. Speaking of Saxe, Blanca links up with her unlikely partner, and they pay a visit to Rasha Tate’s campaign headquarters.

Before they question Tate, Blanca expresses her frustration with Saxe paying Warner an unsolicited visit cause he could have ruined the case. When they finally speak to Tate, he brushes them off, confusing them for reporters. When Blanca identifies themselves as a part of an FBI/DOJ task force investigating James St. Patrick, they grab Tate’s attention immediately.

Tate’s information wasn’t immediately helpful, but when Saxe started adding input that he shouldn’t have like Terry Silver being murdered and pointing out the possibility of James heading to Albany instead of him Tate’s memory starts working again. Rashad plays ball and lies about James telling him that he was upset learning about his wife’s relationship with Silver. Blanca is not happy to know that the information that just got is based on lies and that if she hands this into a judge and gets caught, her career could be over.

Saxe, who doesn’t play by the rules anyway, doesn’t care, but they now have enough evidence to get the search warrant they need to get in James’ hotel room. We zap back to Ghost, who, after convincing Uncle Gabe to sell the property to him, now needs someone to sign on with him. He reaches out to his “good friend” Simon Stern for that help.

It doesn’t take much to get Stern on board either, all James has to do is recommit to their initial agreement, and he does so promising Stern even more goodwill is coming his way when he gets to Albany and that Stern was right about Tate. James’ push for political power is back on track.

Ghost Moves On From Angela & Tasha…Finally

With the new site for the QCP secure, Ghost heads back to his hotel room but has no idea he is being watched by someone. He immediately texts Ramona telling her to meet him at Truth so he can discuss with her the good news. Once he pressed send, he gets a visit from the dead love of his life Angela in her red dress. She congratulates him on his newfound success and asks what his current love interest Ramona is like?

He explains to Angela that he hasn’t told Ramona yet about his feelings towards her and that she is like Angela because she believes in him, and he sees a future with her. James has clearly not moved from Angela despite her death and expresses that with his visions of the dead federal prosecutor. James tells her he doesn’t want to let her go, but Angela says to him that he can and suggests James shouldn’t tell Ramona about his past and to only let her see the legit side of him.

After he is done kissing the air and talking to himself, he heads to Truth to meet with Ramona. He tells her he secured site for the QCP, and the two hug and embrace and finally act on the romantic tension between them and kiss. Ramona apologizes, but James lets her know that their locking lips, was something he has wanted to do for a long time.

While James and Ramona are working on getting her cheeks clapped, Blanca and a team of investigators are at his hotel room performing a search. She was able to secure a sneak and peek warrant meaning that they have to do it without messing up the place and leaving a hint of them being there. They discover dirt on his shoes, probably linking him to the crime and, of course, the cellphone that Dre planted on Saxe’s orders.

We check back in with James, he is about to step to the podium to make the formal announcement of himself joining Lorette’s campaign. After the event, James and Ramona head outside to have a conversation. James is clearly smitten with Ramona, but she wants to keep the relationship on the low. Unsuspecting to them, James is being watched again by someone in a vehicle, the person is not revealed, of course.

After his big press conference, James heads to the cemetery to speak to Raina’s grave to hell her the fantastic news. As he is leaving, Tasha shows up right on time. Tasha thinks him wanting to be Lieutenant Governor is a bad idea and will only lead to more people digging into his drug-dealing past.

James ensures Tasha that he passed his background checks that maybe she’s the one who needs to worry about her life and stop selling drugs because he is now wholly legit. He makes sure before he leaves to let his ex-wife know that nothing is gonna get in the way of his future. He also tells Tasha that he and Ramona are an item and that he releases Tasha from their marriage.

Everyone Is Trying To Bring Ghost Down

Despite telling every damn body in this episode, “no one is going to stop me,” people are trying their very best to do so. Blanca takes her newly discovered evidence to Warner, who is still not on board with this mission to bring down Ghost. His suspicions are raised when Blanca presents him with the cellphone she found in James’ hotel room. He does not believe James, who has successfully evaded them for six seasons, would all of suddenly slip up by taking evidence and keeping it on him.

Warner puts two and two together and figures out that it was Saxe who planted the phone in the room and demands the former DA be brought to him immediately, leaving Blanca looking absolutely stunned and dumb. While the fed’s case against him hits a snag, Ghost is busy planning his party to celebrate his nomination. Tate stops by to have a conversation with Ghost, and it seemed like he was trying to warn Ghost about Blanca and Saxe.

For some reason, Ghost was spicier than usual and totally blasts Tate making the disgraced councilman forget why he was there in the first place. After Ghost dishes out the verbal lashing on Tate pretty much calling him a professional loser, Ghost leaves to go meet with Riq, who texted him that he needs to see him.

The meeting starts off surprisingly well with Riq stating he doesn’t want to argue with his dad anymore. Riq also reveals that he is not there to talk with his dad, but Dre is and Ghost is not too pleased to see the snitch.

James tells Riq to leave the room, so he and Dre can have a conversation. Dre is there to ask Ghost for money so he can leave town despite the fact he knows he was set up by his former boss. James agrees to give Dre $250K, so his former underling can flee. Cocky Ghost also makes an appearance once again, he berates the wannabe drug lord.

James tells him that he will text him a location that they will meet at where he will give him the money in an hour. Once Dre leaves, Ghost calls the security guard that helped set Dre up, and he tells him to call the cops and send them the footage of Dre on the roof with Jason’s body. After he gets off the phone with the guard and disposes of the burner phones sim card, Tommy sends him a text telling him they need to meet.

Of course, he doesn’t trust his former business partner, and he grabs a gun before he leaves to meet with Tommy. Once he arrives at the location, Tommy reveals that he knows Ghost didn’t kill LaKeisha. Despite that, Tommy still feels that he has to kill his “brother,” but the talk is interrupted by gunfire. Tommy claims there are two shooters, and they “team-up” once again to take them down.

After exchanging gunfire, Tommy makes it inside but goes quiet. Once Ghost gets inside, he discovers a lone body, but it’s not Tommy. Sirens can be heard in the background, and Ghost takes off before the cops show up. Did Tommy set up Ghost?

We head back to DA headquarters, and Saxe is being questioned by Warner, but he is not alone. Tameika is representing him as his attorney now with her Olivia Pope makeover. Warner wants to know how Saxe got the phone, the pressure hits immediately with Blanca confessing to everything and realizing Saxe took the Silver’s cellphone and planted it.

Warner is highly upset at what he is learning and wants to Saxe to go to prison, but Tameika convinces Warner that Ghost is the bigger prize they should be going after. Both Warner and Blanca take their findings to the judge who presided over the case that failed to land Ghost in jail, and he also was not too impressed with the evidence they brought him. As a last resort, Warner pulls out the cellphone, but it appears that it wasn’t enough to convince him to give Blanca and Warner a search warrant.

Meanwhile, Ghost watches in the cut as Dre is picked up by the cops for the murder of Jason. Dre will manage to get out later by snitching and lying with some help form Blanca claiming he was there the night Ghost killed Terry Sliver. Looks like Saxe has really rubbed off on Blanca as far as his investigative tactics are concerned. James leaves the scene to surprise Riq’s kidnapper Vincent and ask him a favor.

Promising him some favors once he gets in office, James wants Vincent’s help with getting a burner phone on the inside to 2-Bit and Spank. Vincent agrees, and we see Tommy’s two goons conveniently in the same cell together handed the phone by a passing guard. It rings immediately with 2-Bit answering to learn much to his surprise it’s Ghost on the other end. After a brief back and forth, James woos 2-Bit and Spanky with the idea of money and revenge, and who can turn that down?

Ghost also links up with Tasha at the penthouse, which has been repaired since Tommy shot it up. The two have another intense discussion with Ghost pitching the idea that Riq should cop to killing his sister’s killer. Tasha is not on board with the plan at all because she fears her son going to jail. Keep in mind she got him out here selling drugs and dealing with dangerous people who could also land him behind bars or worst-case scenario, dead. Tasha leaves, and James heads into Raina’s room to reminisce and is visited by his dead daughter in another one of his visions.

Frankly, the father and daughter have a conversation they should have had when she was alive, so we’re just gonna leave it that. Last but certainly not least, Ghost has one more conversation, this time with Riq. Unlike the previous one where Riq claimed he was tired of fighting with his father, Riq resorts back to his misfit ways. Riq kicks off the man-to-man convo pointing out that Tasha told him the cops found his blood at the apartment. When Riq brings up Ghost saying if he ever got caught, he would take the rap for him, Ghost counters by saying circumstances change.

James brings up the idea that he wants Riq to confess to killing Raymond Jones and that he will be better able to take care of him that way. Riq is not feeling that and calls his dad selfish once again and is not trying to see the bigger picture with his father potentially being Albany, he can pull a lot more strings and help him out.

Riq comes up with the “bright idea” that his dad should confess first and tell him everything he has done and somehow convinces his dad to tell him about the time he killed Breeze in his younger days. We honestly think Riq was recording this whole conversation but whatever. After some pleas trying to get his son to listen to him and consider his idea, Riq leaves, pointing out that his dad just broke another promise to him.

Who Shot Ghost?

The big party was a success, he and Ramona also made their relationship official to the world by kissing in public. James is closing down Truth for the night. While he is doing so, he gets another visit from a ghost in his head, and it’s none other than Kanan. After Kanan tries to convince Ghost that no matter what he does, he will be a terrible person for the rest of his life.

James immediately dismisses Kanan and continues on, but he has no idea there will be multiple people on their way to the nightclub to see him. While Ghost was talking to himself, Blanca and Tameika broke down to Saxe and Paz separately that the case against Ghost has fallen apart. The two join Tommy, Tasha, Riq, Tate, and Blanca, who are all heading to Truth at the same time it would seem. From Blanca’s perspective, we hear a gunshot, and we immediately see Ghost with a bullet wound to the chest falling from the catwalk he usually oversees his club from.

Season six’s mid-season finale ends on another cliffhanger, leaving us to dwell on if Ghost is still alive and who finally put a bullet in him. We won’t find out the answer to either of those questions till January 2020 when Power returns for the final episodes. WOMP WOMP WOMP.

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