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There’s a saying when a comedian dies, the world gets a little less funny. That’s what happened when John Witherspoon, better known by his name on The Wayans Brothers Pops, died on October 29th. Two of his most notable roles are playing Craig’s Dad in the movie “Friday” Willie Jones, and his role as “Grandad” in The Boondocks TV series.

John David “J.D.” Witherspoon recently took to Twitter to share a fun fact about the time his dad almost turned down the role of “Grandad” on the hit show The Boondocks.

“True story, my Dad almost passed up on the role of grandad at first,” J.D. recalled on Twitter, Saturday. “He asked me ‘JD you ever heard of this thing called The Boondocks?’ I heard him say that and BUGGED OUT! I told him ‘you gotta take this job!’ And he did.”

Thankfully JD convinced his father to take the role and as a result we were graced with his voice on The Boondocks for all four seasons.

Aaron McGruder took to the shows official IG page to share words about the man whose voice is so special.

“John let me borrow his wonderful, magical voice…and now I’ve lost part of my own. I will miss him as both fan and friend.”

As part of JD’s grieving, he has been kind enough to share some of him and his father’s most intimate moments. He shared this video of him and his father making random vine videos.

John Witherspoon is survived by his wife, and his two sons, JD, and Alexander.