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It’s been two days since the passing of John Witherspoon, and the gaping hole his death left will be hard to fill in the entertainment industry. During his storied acting career, Witherspoon shared the screen with many big names such as Will Smith, Ice Cube, The Wayan’s Brothers, Robert Townsend, Eddie Murphy, JAY-Z, and more. While most would be intimidated, Witherspoon or Pops, as he was affectionately known as always managed to either add or steal a scene with his gift for comedic timing.

When Witherspoon graced televisions or movie screens, it was always a guaranteed laugh. Whether it was his him telling Marcus Graham how to coordinate. Breaking out his signature “bang, bang, bang” during the hilarious dinner table scene in the cult classic Boomerang. Witherspoon never failed to get tear-inducing chuckles out of you.

His performance in the film Friday as Ice Cube’s dog catching plus penny-pinching father will always resonate with fans as well. Even on the small screen, Witherspoon shined with his portrayal as Pops on the sitcom The Wayans Bros or guest spots like playing Augustus Adams in an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Witherspoon also lent his talents to the Hip-Hop community with memorable cameos as well. One that stands out, in particular, is him surrounded by curvy models in Hov’s I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) visual.

Witherspoon’s iconic voice was also vital in breathing life into his jokes and delivery, that’s why it helped make Robert Jebediah Freeman from The Boondocks a fan-favorite among fans of the animated show. Its no doubt Pops will be missed; the reaction to the news of his passing from fans, colleagues, and loved ones proves that much. His legacy will live forever through his timeless contributions to the entertainment world. You can reflect on his greatness in the gallery below by reliving his most memorable moments.

Photo: NBC / Getty

1. Fresh Prince of Belair- Season 4 – Harder They Fall

2. ‘The Boondocks’ Grandad’s Moments Season 1

3. Boomerang (9/9) Movie CLIP – You Got to Coordinate (1992) HD

4. JAY-Z – I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)

5. House Party – Public enema!!!!

6. Field Mob – Sick Of Being Lonely (John Witherspoon Dialogue Only)

7. Hollywood Shuffle – Winky Dinky Dog & HO CAKE!

8. When My Love Goes Bang Bang Bang

9. Friday (film) Kitchen Scene

10. Friday – Craigs Dad Toilet Scene 1

11. Soul Plane

12. Vampire in Brooklyn – DOG SCENE

13. Do Steroids!

14. Friday Gun Talk

15. Black Jesus (Adult Swim) “King of Kings”

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