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Kanye West Praises Donald Trump For Allowing Him To Buy Land

Source: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty

 Kanye West has a lot to be thankful for. He has the number one album in the country with Jesus is King proving people still rock with, purchasing plenty of land in Wyoming, and according to the rapper, it’s all thanks to his buddy Donald Trump. During the New York Times’ Dealbook Conference in Manhattan on Wednesday (Nov.6), West acknowledged such.

West’s wife Kim Kardashian and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, were on-hand to talk about their family’s entrepreneurship. For whatever reason, someone thought it was a good idea to give Kanye the mic. Rolling Stone reports in typical Ye fashion, he rambled on about a bevy of topics dear to him and kicked things off by talking about the ranch he bought in Wyoming. He thanked Trump for making that happen and took a shot at Black Twitter.

Per Rolling Stone

“We have 12,500 acres in Cody, Wyoming, and Trump,” he said — putting special emphasis on the name — “has actually opened up the ability to buy more land in America. In America, you can buy land, and we can be owners. We don’t have to be just the product of what Black Twitter tells us what we’re supposed to do.” 

Kanye’s recent comments follow comments he made during a BigBoyTV interview that Black people are conditioned to waste their money on frivolous things, which leads to bad investments. Hilariously while out in New York promoting Jesus Is King, a video surfaced of hypocritical rapper shopping for Jesus pieces.

The “free thinker” echoed similar thoughts during the New York Times‘ conference where he claimed he won’t succumb to identity politics and will always think for himself.

“My father was a Black Panther, and my mother was arrested for the sit-ins at age six, to fight for the right for us to vote, but it was the right to vote for who we tell you to vote on,” he said. “It’s OK that any black man voted for Hillary. But if a black man didn’t vote for Hillary, you’re a c**n.”

Someone needs to tell this man that literally doesn’t make any sense. MAGA Ye isn’t going anywhere no time soon clearly.

Photo: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty