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Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers

Source: Sean M. Haffey / Getty

LeBron James has shown no signs of slowing down whatsoever. His averages are still on par with where they have been for most of his career, in fact, his assists are at a career-high. That’s likely because he is playing a new position of point guard. LeBron has the Los Angeles Lakers playing at an exceptionally high level. The Lakers are currently 12-2 and the main reason they are playing so well is… because the team is playing defense.

And to the surprise of so many people, arguably the best defender on the Lakers has been LeBron James. After last season when so many videos popped up with LeBron showing little to no effort on defense, he has been dominant on that side of the ball.

And after a foul called on him in the Lakers game against the Thunder last night, LeBron had a fun exchange with referee Marc Davis about the narrative that he does not play defense.

“I know you can read and seeing I haven’t been playing defense the last couple of years, but it’s a new year,” he joked.

The exchange seemed to be light hearted as both parties laughed it off.

But LeBron is playing defense extremely efficiently this far. He’s even got his defensive rating the lowest it’s been since 2011-12, and the Lakers are rated the second best defensive team in the NBA.

We see you, Bron Bron.