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Party Next Door Live

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The return of PartyNextDoor is finally upon us.

OVO’s first signee has been pretty silent since dropping his third self-titled album PartyNextDoor3 in 2016. But now, Toronto’s own is back with two new tracks. One features OVO‘s head honcho Drake and is entitled “Loyal.” The track finds the two crooners harkening back to a similar style of one of the most successful songs in the past few years; “Work.”

Arriving a few months too late to be considered a summer smash, the island-tinged song is filled with lyrics about finding the sweet spot in a relationship between a soulmate and a best friend. And in the end, all Drake and Party ask for is loyalty, with lyrics like, “True, you’re a star in my head. You, nuh need fi raise war with my friends. True, you’re so bad, we don’t need to pretend  But I don’t want war with you or my friends.

The other track Party dropped is much less radio-friendly as he finds himself in his emotional bag, entitled “The News.” The cover art, which features a purple moon with a skull superimposed on it made it clear that the reflective Party had something to get off his chest as he sings about getting used to a woman’s terrible ways and not making an effort to change them or leave the relationship. “Hurt me, then tell me, ‘Man up.’ Hurt me, then tell me, ‘Stand up.’ Ask me questions, then don’t care about the answers, Hurt me, hurt me,” he croons as he recounts a seemingly toxic relationship.

The second offering finds Party catching up where he left off with 2017’s Seven Days EP as he explains to listeners his current relationship problems. His next album is reportedly called Club Atlantis and hopefully, it drops sooner than later as fans have been waiting with bated breath for far too long.