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Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams

Source: Meg Oliphant / Getty

Lamar Jackson continued to make headlines Monday with his spectacular play for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens took on the Los Angeles Rams and they dominated them from the jump.

The Ravens ended up winning the game by a score of 45-6, but after the contest, it was former Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters and current Los Angeles Rams cornerback– and effectively his replacement– Jalen Ramsey who got into it.

Peters and Ramsey didn’t really have any notable history prior to Monday night’s game, but both players are very emotional, and very boisterous, so it’s not totally surprising to see these two get into it.

Peters could be seen on the sidelines calling Ramsey out by his name, mocking him and sticking his tongue out after he caught an interception, and the outcome of the game was no longer in the balance.

Peters had a very solid game Monday night, he picked off Jared Goff, and he had eight tackles. But it’s worth noting that Peters has received a lot of flack for his unwillingness to tackle. The interception in this game was Peters’ third in the last five.

Ramsey was reluctant to talk about the whole ordeal after the game telling ESPN “if you’ve got questions about the game, I’ll answer that other than that, I ain’t going to answer no B.S.”

These two teams won’t meet up again unless they both make the Super Bowl LIV in Miami.