NFL fans were robbed. Well, if you let social media tell it, that’s what happened, given the results of this weekend’s NFC and AFC championship games that saw the Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens defeated. First was the AFC championship between the Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. Aside from the constant reminder that Taylor Swift […]

Some fans agree that Beckham’s a valuable piece but wonder if he’s worth the lucrative $15 million deal.

"I think Lamar's just taking his life in his own hands, as he should. Kyler Murray just got $230 million... so that's the floor. Because Kyler Murray has not done anywhere near as much in this league as Lamar Jackson." - NFL cornerback Richard Sherman on "The Rich Eisen Show"

According to Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson, in a league where more than half of its players are Black, Black quarterbacks still have to go above and beyond when it comes to their white counterparts. 


When choosing not to shake your opponent's hand after the game is to "be the bigger guy," you know it's serious.


Lamar Jackson continued to make headlines Monday with his spectacular play for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens took on the Los Angeles Rams and they dominated them from the jump. The Ravens ended up winning the game by a score of 45-6, but after the contest, it was former Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters […]