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It’s been about a year since the world lost rapper Mac Miller after he overdosed at his Los Angeles home. As fans are still coping with his untimely death, rapper, and former friend of Mac, Goldlink said some things about the Pittsburgh native that he should have kept inside.

In an Instagram caption that many believe was disrespectful, he compared his album  And After That, We Didn’t Talk and Divine Feminine– revealing his opinion that Mac’s album was a direct influence of his.

“I always thought you drove yourself insane about your own music,” GoldLink wrote. “So much that, you would adopt styles as homage to those around you that you loved. That’s where our problem started. Divine Feminine was an actual blueprint of ‘and after that we didn’t talk.'”

Now just a few days into the backlash, Goldlink responded while performing at a recent concert.

“Without Mac Miller, there would be no GoldLink …” he said on stage, before touching on how angry social media is. “I’mma be a sacrifice for everybody in this fuckin’ shit right now. You say whatever the fuck you want … you say it however the fuck you want it. You don’t have to explain yourself to no-motherfuckin’-body … we ain’t worried about n***as that we don’t know.”

He continued, saying,  “The whole post I that made about Mac Miller was about love and that n***as can actually be brothers. It wasn’t about stealing. I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal. The thing is, Mac Miller wrote all of Divine Feminine. That was a great album. The fact that he made a n***a a cake was one of the most heartwarming shits when you’re a young n***a in the game. What rapper makes other rappers cakes? …. That’s some cute boyfriend-girlfriend shit we was doing…That’s one of the realest n***as I ever met. So I don’t give a fuck what nobody say about it.”

Watch Goldlink address the entire situation below.