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Joe Budden Says Ari Lennox Is Insecure Following Rant About Anti-Blackness

Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty

Ari Lennox didn’t hold back in a passionate Instagram Live rant in response to a tweet from an anti-Black troll that compared her and Teyana Taylor to rottweilers. Now outspoken retired rapper/pop culture pundit Joe Budden and his podcast crew are giving their 2 cents on the topic.

In the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Mal kicks things off by pointing out that people are giving too much attention to trolls in their comment sections when they get offended by remarks from strangers. He made sure to say he agrees that people like to “push a button,” and agreed with the “New Apartment” singer that Blackness is disrespect BUT went on to say:

“Ari, you have to know that there’s way more people that think you are beautiful, attractive, talented, all of these things.”

Joe Budden hopped in the conversation by asking the crew “Does anything about the Ari Lennox thing scream insecurity to you?” He followed that up with  “Insecurity. How you feel about you versus how what people feel about you versus how what people feel about you does to how you feel about you. Insecurity. And while there may be variations of it or different reasons of why it stems, insecurity is insecurity.”

Budden added that Lennox’s comments about Black women were “absolutely correct,” but “we have to be able to compartmentalize… What I take from that is, Ari, I’m hearing you, a black queen, speak to the beauty and essence of black queens. I’ve heard you speak to it before. So when I hear you reply to people like whoever this pawn dude is, it’s like, are you telling me how beautiful the blackness is, or are you telling you, because if you truly feel like that, if you truly believe that black is beautiful, as beautiful as it is, and you embody that, you will not use your energy, your platform, your power… when you negate that power or misuse it by replying to just whatever [this person] has anything to say, then what we really doing here? How do you really feel about you?”

We won’t be shocked if Lenox responds back, you can watch the discussion which takes place around the 2-hour mark in the video below.

Photo: Phillip Faraone / Getty