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A much anticipated –and deserved– documentary is finally coming for possibly the most electric quarterback of all time. Michael Vick.

ESPN has announced that they are planning to launch a two-part documentary on Mike Vick entitled “Vick.” The first of the two parts is set to premiere on Thursday, January 30 at 9pm ET, part two will air seven days later February 6 at the same time.

A press release says the film, “provides a comprehensive look back at each chapter of former NFL Quarterback Michael Vick’s saga: the incredible rise, shocking fall, and polarizing return.”

Stanley Nelson will be directing the documentary. He told ESPN he plans to chronicle the upbringing of Vick and how that environment contributed to some of the decisions he made later in his life.

“As a historical documentary filmmaker, I was interested in placing Michael Vick’s life within larger historical narratives – narratives about race and sports, poverty and power, and about the criminal justice system,” Nelson said in a statement, via ESPN. “In the film, we get to see how Vick’s childhood affects the choices he makes, as well as how these larger social forces shape his trajectory. I hope that viewers of the film can gain a fuller understanding of the social context that gave rise to Vick’s story, as well as its reverberating impact.”

Vick was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia and attended Virginia Tech for college. While there he became one of the most dynamic players in college football and wound up being the number one overall pick in the 2001 NFL draft. He immediately  rose to stardom, only to have it all come tumbling down amidst a dogfighting controversy.

He would later make a triumphant return to the Philadelphia Eagles following a prison stint–providing an interesting caveat to what will surely make a great documentary.