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Antonio Brown As A Raider

Source: Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images / Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Antonio Brown just can’t seem to stay out of headlines.

Just a day after throwing candy, shaped like penises, at his child’s mother,  the Hollywood Police has officially severed ties with the former NFL wide receiver, reveals TMZ. The department used to have a great relationship with Brown, as they allowed him to work out at their Police Athletic League football field and he even sponsored the HPD’s 7-on-7 league, but after the domestic incident that’s all over.

Not only was he rude to Chelsie Kyriss, the woman he shared kids with, but the officers who were there as well.

“While officers were on scene, Mr. Brown treated them with disrespect and disdain,” the police department said.

Cops say they tried to contact Brown after the incident to come to some sort of agreement, but because he wasn’t responsive, its best to end their working relationship.

“We made the decision to sever ties between Mr. Brown and the Hollywood Police Athletic League. We did not want our youth to be subject to this type of behavior nor emulate the actions of Mr. Brown.”

It was ultimately the behavior he exhibited that the HPD didn’t want members of PAL to think was okay and see him as some sort of a role model.

The cops have returned the money that AB gave them for the 7-on-7 league and say that if he ever shows up at their field again he won’t be welcomed and could also “be arrested for trespassing.”

“We will not take money from a donor that we cannot have our youth be proud of or represent our organization,” the statement said.

Brown worked out for the New Orleans Saints on December 27, and since then no teams have shown any interest in picking him up. Despite being one of the most electric wide receivers in the modern era, his attitude trumps all of that. It really makes you wonder how Mike Tomlin kept him in check for so long.