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Kyrie Irving does not hide in touting his self-proclaimed genius, or intelligence. He has made some pretty erroneous claims, but the most criticized being his theory that everyone thinks the Earth is round because that’s what we were told.

Kyrie has also faced harsh criticism because of his leadership, or lack thereof. Kyrie Irving was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017 when he requested to be traded from the team because of superstar LeBron James and his overshadowing personality as the best player in the NBA.

Kyrie’s wishes were granted and he was shipped to the Boston Celtics. Prior to the start of the playoffs it was announced that the Boston Celtics were going to miss Kyrie the entire playoffs. The Celtics wound up making it to game seven of the Eastern Conference finals before bowing out to LeBron James and the Cavs.

So when Kyrie returned to Boston the next year and the team seemingly took a step backwards, that all fell on Kyrie.

Fast forward to free agency and of course he leaves Boston for the Brooklyn Nets and now Kyrie is oft referred to as public enemy number one.

Well he has more sentiment that is likely to make him an even bigger enemy.

While taking questions about the criticism he’s been receiving from fans and media, he responded with, of course, more controversy.

“My name was given to me by my grandfather and I’m very grateful but it’s in a lot of people’s mouths… I’ve earned that because of how great I am as a player, when I was out for those seven weeks and not saying anything and still people are still saying things about me. It’s inevitable. They crucified Martin Luther King for speaking about peace and social integration. You can go back to historical leaders and great people in society that do great things, and they’re still going to talk shit about them. It is what it is.”

I get where Kyrie was going with his answer, but perhaps you don’t want to put yourself in the same heir as someone who championed a social justice movement for an entire race of people.