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Thankfully, hip hop beef typically doesn’t end the way it used to back in 90’s.

This is evident by the two-week beef between up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke and Casanova.

As is what appears to be a tradition at this point, when a rapper from New York, or any city for that matter, makes it big they feel the need to claim themselves King of (insert home city here.)

That typically just goes by the wayside and its business as usual. But when someone from New York does it, it incites a useless debate amongst millionaires, or at the very least, people who have a good amount of money, about who has done what, who is in the streets and so on.

So when Pop Smoke’s new song “Christopher Walking” when he raps “she know that Papi outside, she know I’m the King of New York,” it was sure to get old head New Yorkers up in arms.

That’s exactly what it did.

Casanova, who is also from Brooklyn like Pop Smoke, didn’t like the claim and took to Twitter and IG to let people know.

Apparently, the two Brooklyn born rappers have hashed out their beef as Casanova took to the ‘gram to show the two play fighting.

I’m glad the beef ended with nobody being shot at, or being hurt.

But can we please leave the “King of” beef in the last decade?