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Roc Nation is continuing to shed light on the horrific conditions suffered by Black inmates at the hands of our frightful justice system. Most recently, the entertainment agency’s philanthropic branch, Team Roc, released a video reportedly taken at the Mississippi State Penitentiary that shows just how disturbing it gets. The video comes just after Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves complained about “contraband” phones, purportedly being used to organize gang activity. In this case, those phones are being used to reveal an ugly truth that would otherwise stay hidden from the public.

“Team Roc, Roc Nation’s philanthropic arm, is releasing video it says graphically illustrates the inhumane conditions inside a notorious Mississippi penitentiary … as Yo Gotti continues fighting for federal assistance,” TMZ reports, adding “These videos and photos were shot by inmates using contraband phones, according to Team Roc. The images include what looks like a knife fight between 2 prisoners, gruesome injuries and horrific filth inside a cell. TMZ broke the story … Yo Gotti, with Team Roc’s support, is taking legal action over the conditions seen in the video. Most recently, they’ve filed for an emergency protective order in federal court — on behalf of dozens of inmates — and they’ve now added some of these photos to that filing.”According to the site, Governor Reeves has agreed to shut down one understaffed portion of the jail, a “small improvement” Yo Gotti is not impressed by. “Governor Reeves’ plan to close down a Parchman prison unit that has caused devastating deaths is a necessary first step,” he tells TMZ. “Beyond that, he must implement broader safety measures to address similar issues in other units and urgently provide inmates with medical attention. In the interim, we’re calling for the Department of Justice to step in, move the Parchman inmates to federal prisons and ensure their immediate well-being.”

“In addition to the federal protection order — Team Roc has filed a lawsuit against Mississippi prison officials demanding a plan of action to help the inmates,” the site goes on to say, adding that federal court has not yet ruled on the aforementioned protection order. Stay tuned, as we will continue to keep our readers updated and watch the graphic video below if you think you can stomach it.