Earlier this year, Jay Z and Yo Gotti joined forces to fight the powers that be at the Mississippi Department of Corrections' Parchman Farm; head inside for the latest update.

The spread of coronavirus in prisons isn't being talked about enough.

JAY-Z, Meek Mill & the Roc Nation team are making sure Ahmaud Arbery gets the justice he deserves.


January has been a long year, but Yo Gotti is making it work no matter how strenuous the task. The Memphis rapper and Collective Music Group founder is officially a free man, as he announced he got out of his label deal and now owns all of his own masters. “Drop my album, out my […]

While people continue to debate JAY-Z‘s right to be a billionaire, the one thing you can’t argue is all the good he’s done on behalf of social justice. And now he’s putting his millions towards another good cause alongside fellow rapper Yo Gotti on behalf of 29 inmates who claim that their “lives are in […]

The rapper will bring his creative vision to the label in his new role as brand ambassador.

Color, ass, and cash is all Gotti knows in his newest music video.


Proud Black father Joel A. Carter is raking up headlines after he turned what was arguably one of the most explicit radio hits of the year into a kid-friendly, call to action.