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Lil Wayne's "Funeral" Album Release Party

Source: Daniel Boczarski / Getty

Weezy has no idea why he and Pusha T aren’t the best of friends — at least that’s what he said during his recent appearance on Drink Champs.

In the midst of celebrating his new album Funeral, the living legend sat down with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN to talk all things music and more. N.O.R.E took a trip down memory lane to a time when he and Weezy hopped on Clipse’s “Grindin'” remix and that conversation segued into a chat about how he and Pusha’s beef started. Wayne compares finding out he was beefing with Pusha T to an athlete being blindsided by a trade.

“I don’t know where this relationship went wrong,” N.O.R.E comments, to which Wayne responds “I don’t either, bro. I swear to God.”

“What you gon’ do? You gon’ come back at Push?” Wayne says someone asked him back when the beef began. Wayne, not knowing there was a problem, says he responded “What you mean? I’d love to do a song with him” and according to Wayne, that’s when he was informed Pusha was dissing him.

Watch Wayne and N.O.R.E talk about it in the clip above, plus the full Drink Champs interview below.