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Big News

John Blackwell Jr., who toured as Prince’s drummer for over 10 years, died Tuesday, TMZ reports. While the cause of death is unknown, USA Today reports Blackwell was diagnosed with two brain tumors last year and had been fighting for survival. Blackwell began drumming with Prince as part of the New Power Generation in 2000. “My husband incredible drummer John Blackwell Jr. passed the way peacefully in my company today,” Blackwell’s wife, Yaritza, stated on Instagram Tuesday. “Thanks God for his life and thanks everyone for their support.” He was 43.

Big Facts

David Desper, who was charged with the murder of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson, turned himself in to authorities in Chester County, Penn. on Sunday. If you missed the news over the holiday weekend, Desper shot Roberson in the head last Wednesday during what’s been reported as a “road rage” incident. Roberson was “attempting to merge into a single lane on Route 100 at the same time as the 28-year-old Trainer resident,” reports New York Daily News. She died instantly after her car ran into a tree.

Of course, friends and coworkers deny Desper was “in any way a racist or nasty person,” describing him as “even-keeled.” “Everyone that knows Dave is very disappointed in his [alleged] actions, and we just want to know what led him to commit such an act,” Greg Parker, a colleague of Desper’s reportedly told “Because if you knew Dave, then you knew this wasn’t like him.” Or y’all just ain’t really know him like you thought you did.

CASSIUS sends condolences to Roberson’s family. #SayHerName

Big Lies

Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet at the G20 summit on Friday, and while the White House states there’s “no specific agenda” planned, it can only be assumed there’s tons to talk about (*cough* election hacking). As Associated Press notes, Trump “may be looking for some concessions from Russia to show he’s delivering progress and helping restore a productive relationship between the two powers,” while “Putin would almost surely want something in return, and there’s a long list of ‘irritants’ between the two countries that they could potentially resolve.” Check out AP’s full breakdown of potential topics of discussion here.

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