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The internet has been a great tool for people to connect with others, find love, and even get help in times of need.

The problem though is that sometimes you’re getting scammed– and unfortunately, that’s how people on the internet are feeling about Quaden Bayles. Bayles is an Australian kid and one of his videos went viral where he was seen visibly distraught about being bullied by his classmates because he’s a dwarf.

“I wish I could stab myself in my heart,” Quaden, 9, heartbreakingly says while crying. “I want someone to kill me.”

Twitter, typically full of amateur investigators, is now alleging that it’s all one big scam and Bayles is not only well off financially, but is also an adult.

“Just so you know.. he scammed everybody.. he’s 18 has plenty of money and yeah everyone fell for it,” one woman wrote in a Facebook post. “Now if I’m wrong please source your link and explain why to me. He’s an Instagram celeb @quadosss and deleted captions pertaining to his 18th birthday post.”

The video was taken by his mother, Yarraka, who posted the clip to social media in an effort to educate people on what the other side of bullying looks like and to deter others from doing it– as her son has reportedly even tried to commit suicide several times.

“I want people to know, this is the effect bullying has,” she says from behind the camera. “This is what bullying does. All it takes is one more instant, and you wonder why kids are killing themselves.”

As she begins to cry, she continues,  “I want people to know how much this is hurting us as a family … I’ve got to constantly keep my eye on him because of the suicide attempts.”

Others are still supporters of Quaden and believe the video to be true.

To further prove that the story is all facts, an old YouTube video from 2014 has resurfaced showing the Bayles family on an Australian news station talking about dwarfism and raising awareness for it.

A GoFundMe campaign that originally started to send Bayles to Disneyland has surpassed its $10,000 goal and is currently soaring towards $500,000.

Actor Hugh Jackman even recorded a message, saying, “Quaden, you are stronger than you know, mate,”  after his emotional response to being called names at school.

As more details become available, an Instagram account claiming to be the real Quaden called out one of the allegedly fake accounts, captioning the post, “There are fake accounts giving information about me; Saying I’m 18 and I’m a scammer. That is a lie people. Anyone who posts something like that, please report.”

Once more relevant information comes to light, this article will be updated.

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