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Celebrities Attend Houston Rockets v New York Knicks Game

Source: James Devaney / Getty

If there’s one fan you expect to support the New York Knicks through thick and (mostly) thin, it’s Spike Lee.

So it’s pretty surprising that before the Knicks bout against the Houston Rockets last night, the famed director got into a verbal altercation with Madison Square Garden security when trying to use a certain entrance.

“No one told me!” says Lee in the video that was captured and posted to Twitter. “I’m staying right here. Now if you want to arrest me like Charles Oakley, then go ahead.”


The 62-year-old wanted to nip the issue in the bud and appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning to explain the entire situation.

” I’ve been using the same entrance for 20 plus years,” he began. “The employees’ entrance on 33rd street. Yesterday, last night, I go in, my ticket gets scanned.”

He then continued and explained that the issue began when he got onto the elevator.

“The elevator is not moving. And the security guy comes to me and says ‘We need you to get off the elevator.'” Lee refused and once he arrived on the fifth floor to take his seat, security was waiting for him.

“Mr. Lee you have to leave Madison Square Garden,’ he recounts as security wanted to come through the same entrance that all fans do.

Lee eventually spoke to Dolan and the issue was fixed.

When mentioned being treated like Oakley, Lee was referencing a 2017 incident in which Knick legend Charles Oakley was kicked out after getting into an argument with a fan courtside. Not only was he removed from the arena, but he was also disrespectfully placed in handcuffs– which many thought was overkill. It became so big that Michael Jordan had to step in and end the beef between Oakley and Knicks owner James Dolan.

But luckily for Lee, according to the Knicks, the situation was just a miscommunication that went to far and he was in his seat by tip-off.

The Knick would go on to beat the Rockets, 125-123.